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About Dr. Radman

Dr. Radman grew up in Western Pennsylvania outside of Pittsburgh.  He was active in sports playing on his school’s football team and swim team.  He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh (B.S. Chemistry) and West Virginia University (M.S. Chemical Engineering). He moved to Silicon Valley to work in the semiconductor industry as an engineering manager.  He raised his children in Aptos and is now helping to raise his granddaughter and soon, grandson.


From the time I was playing football as a kid I was helped by chiropractic. While working as an engineer several chiropractors helped me for various back and neck injuries over the years.  One day I was driving between buildings at work and a large utility vehicle ran a red light and hit me head-on.  I went to the company’s medical doctor who could only mask some pain with an opiate. After several months of no progress I went to a chiropractor in San Jose who really made a difference. That’s when I decided to change careers and attend Palmer Chiropractic College in San Jose. Chiropractic has always helped me.

When I was an engineer I spent many hours with my employer’s marketing department. I watched in disbelief as some would take a single data point and extrapolate. I’ve brought that philosophy with me as a chiropractor. You bring to your practice what works, how it works and forget the hype. That’s why I use traditional methods which is known as diversified. It’s a solid method of manipulation and does not require X-rays. Why should I expose patients to an X-ray for a chiropractic manipulation? So I don’t. And I don’t require patients to schedule one visit for a physical and a second for the adjustment. It all happens on the same visit.

Now in my spare time, I spend time with my granddaughter and swimming at the local gym or playing basketball.


University of Pittsburgh 1979

West Virginia University 1982

Palmer Chiropractic College 2012

Engineering Patents


Personal Trainer

Functional Movement Screens

Specific Functional Movement Analysis

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